Legal Help topics & keywords

What are the terms that people are searching for, that are related to legal help? These are the terms that legal help websites should be aiming to serve. Use these terms to:

  • Make sure you are covering the key topics
  • Title your pages to match people’s phrases
  • Create Headings for sections and FAQs that match these phrases

In this way, you can

  1. Serve the needs of your users. By using these keywords, you can ensure you are providing them content that they need, for civil justice problems.
  2. Make sure people can find you. If you use the most common keywords & match people’s phrases, then search engines are more likely to show people your pages — and people are more likely to be able to match their versions of their questions to your content.

Legal help issues you should cover

If you are a legal aid group, court self-help group, or other law help site, what sections should you have on your website? Here is a key outline of the content you should have, that people are seeking help for:

  1. Family
    1. Divorce, Spousal and Child Support
    2. Custody and Visitation
    3. Domestic Abuse problems
    4. Guardianship and Conservators
  2. Housing
    1. Landlord-Tenant, Eviction, Behind on Rent,
    2. Landlord-Teannt, bad living conditions, harassment
    3. Homeownership, Foreclosure
    4. Contractor disputes or fraud
  3. Money & Debt: 
    1. Wage theft, not being paid fully/fairly by employer
    2. Garnishment of wages
    3. car accidents, 
    4. repossession, and 
    5. being sued for money
    6. Suing others for money, collecting on money
  4. Protective Orders
    1. Domestic Abuse, 
    2. Workplace Harassment, and 
    3. Stalking problems
  5. Miscellaneous
    1. Driver’s License Restoration, 
    2. Criminal Record Expungement to clear your record after being in the criminal justice system
    3. Name or Gender Change