Rankings & Audits

Do a Check-Up on Your Website

How does your legal help website do, when it comes to four main areas: tech, search rank, design, and content? Get to know what issues you can fix, to help your website reach & serve more of your target audience.

We have been reviewing how public interest legal help websites currently place on search results, and how user-friendly and technically capable they are. We also have 3 sets of tools for you to use.

Use our 3 tools. Find more below on each one:

  1. Technical Performance Rankings
  2. Design and Content Performance Review
  3. Search Rank Audit

1. Technical Performance ranking

Our rankings website uses the Google Lighthouse tool to score public interest legal help websites. How are they performing when it comes to speed, bugs, loading issues, and other technical concerns? The ranking also gives concrete action items to fix them.


Which sites have the best technical performance? This includes rankings on websites’ speed, accessibility, SEO, and other key technical factors that define how people easily use websites. One tool that we will be using to rank the technical performance is Lighthouse, an open-source evaluation tool for the technical quality of any webpage.

You can see more about Lighthouse from a Google 2019 presentation at the YouTube link here.

2. Design & Content Audit

Want to check how your website is performing when it comes to Design & Content?

Use this DIY design audit. Go through your main pages, and rank how your site is doing, when it comes to user-friendly navigation, hierarchy, content, and visuals.

Go to the Design & Content Audit

3. Search Ranking Audit

Our team can audit what websites are showing up in your jurisdiction for common queries. You give us zipcodes & issue types — we’ll tell you who’s placing in Google Top 10 in your local geography.

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