Improve your Content

  1. Do your pages’ headings & topics match people’s common needs, and the keywords they use?
  2. Is your content laid out in numbered lists, FAQs, and other snippet-friendly formats? This can make your information much more likely to show up higher on search engines.
  3. Do you have share-worthy content? That people are linking to, citing, and putting out on social media? See what people are talking about and searching for, and make content that matches these ‘hot topics’.
  4. Do you have fresh content, that is regularly updated? Whether in a blog, new pages, emergency posts, or other ‘new’ content that may get featured more prominently by search engines.
  5. Do you link to other organizations, and have them link to you? This can improve both of your search authority rankings.

Content guides are coming soon in Autumn 2021.

In the meantime, here are a few things to get started with.

  1. Check out these common Google Searches, and rename your pages & headings to match them. We have been collecting popular search queries around housing, debt, and other legal problems. If you can rephrase your existing content to match these questions & keywords, you can better match with people online.
  2. Link to other legal help sites, and have them link to you. Find lots of public interest legal help sites here. Can you put in a referral or links page, to hand off visitors who are coming from other jurisdictions? And can you write to these other sites, to have them link to you?