Improve your Tech

  1. Is your site Crawlable? Make sure that Google and other search engines can see your whole site.
  2. Is your site slow? Check how fast your site is loading and how to make it quicker.
  3. Do you have Schema markup? Are you telling search engines what’s on your page, and which audiences should visit it? You can use Schema to add info about your organization, its services, its jurisdiction, and issues served. This code is added into your header code for your home page and individual pages.
  4. Is your site Mobile-Friendly? Can people visiting from their phone or tablet use your site easily? You can check with Google’s Mobile Friendly Test tool.
  5. Is your site secured with an SSL certificate? You can check when you go to your website, and check your browser bar to see if there’s a ‘lock’ icon or a ‘warning’ icon.

Tech guides coming soon in Autumn 2021.

In the meantime, here are some quick things to get started on.

  1. Make sure your site has Google Search Console activated: This can help you track who is visiting your website, which pages they’re coming to, and what they’re trying to achieve.
  2. Activate Google Analytics too: This will help you track overall trends with visitors, referrals, etc. Analytics and Search Console should be connected.
  3. Create Schema markup for your site, and paste it into your backend: This will help search engines find you and show you to the right users.