Data on Legal Websites, Traffic, and Needs Online

Where are people going for help online? What needs do they have? What websites get the most traffic?

Our team at Stanford Legal Design Lab presents key data sources and analyses about the supply and demand for legal help online.

Please explore our data sources and collection of reports & others’ research here. Write to us if you have more ideas & questions at legaldesignlab [at]

Our Data on Legal Needs, Traffic, and Websites

Our group at Stanford Legal Design Lab is compiling data to help courts, legal aid groups, and others track what websites are offering legal help, what needs there are, and how different sites and Internet platforms are doing.

Explore our data to understand more about legal help online.

What websites offer legal help in the US?

Master List of Legal Help Websites

What are all of the legal help websites that offer help to people in the US? Our group has been compiling this ‘supply’ list, including both commercial and public interest websites.

How many people are visiting different legal help websites?

Monthly Visitors to Legal Help Websites

Check to see estimates, as of 2021, of how many people are visiting different legal help websites to get help.

These can help compare the Discoverability & Reach of a given website.

What proportion of local people with legal needs are websites connecting with?

Proportion of Needs a Legal Help Website Serves

How many of a jurisdiction’s justice needs is a website serving? How much of the public are they connecting with?

This data presents the proportion of website visits compared with the local population with legal needs.

How technically fast, secure, and supportive are legal help websites?

Tech Performance of Legal Help Websites

Is a legal help website built well? Does it follow best practices around technical accessibility, security, bugs, speed, and stability? Find the rankings and specific action items for sites.