Legal Help Websites

What legal help websites can help a person in the US with a civil justice problem?

There are commercial legal help sites that provide general guidance or issue-specific tools. Or there are public interest legal help sites that offer free, nonprofit materials, forms, and links to legal aid and the courts.

We have compiled 2 master lists of legal help websites in the United States. We have included the sites that are the most heavily trafficked as of 2021.

Commercial legal help websites

These websites are from for-profit groups aiming to serve people with legal needs with online & in-person services.

Public Interest legal help websites

These websites are from non-profit legal aid, court, and agencies to provide free DIY & human services to people experiencing a legal need.

Distinguishing among legal help websites

There are a few main factors that distinguish groups of legal help websites from each other

  • Commercial or Public Interest: is the group running the website a commercial (for-profit) or public interest (non-profit or government) group? This changes the cost of using the site — either in terms of paywalls, ads, data collection, or upselling.
  • Issue Area: General or Specific?: Some websites cover all kinds of civil justice issues (and possibly also criminal, immigration, administrative, and beyond). Other websites just help a person with a single type of issue. In our legal help website lists below, you can see which are general or issue-specific.
  • Help Type: Services Intake, Guides, or Tools: Some websites are mainly there to advertise a phone number or online intake for a person to connect for human services. Others aim to help a user get things done. This could be providing them with guides that help them understand their rights & steps to follow. Or it could be with tools to fill in forms, get reminders and coaching, or negotiate a resolution.

Explore these master lists to see the websites offering legal help service to the US public. Follow the links above to find the estimated traffic to the different sites.

Database of public interest legal websites

Database of commercial legal websites

These websites are the ones that rank the highest in terms of traffic. If you want to have more websites listed here, please be in touch with us at