Commercial legal help websites

Our group is compiling a master list of for-profit websites that deliver legal help to the public in the US.

This list includes commercial sites that are focused on either general civil legal help, or a specific type of civil legal issue area. It includes sites that could be identified as likely having more than 5000 visitors per month on average, as of 2021.

It does not include sites focused on immigration or criminal law exclusively, though some of the general resources may have assistance on those topics.

Each of these websites is a US nationwide site, that aims to serve people throughout the country.

Commercial Legal Help Websites

These are US for-profit websites that offer legal help to people searching for civil justice issues. It includes sites that had over 5,000 monthly visitors in 2021.
Issue TypeName of websiteURL of the websiteEstimated visitors in January 2021
GeneralFind LawFindLaw.com6,762,000,041,000
GeneralAll LawAllLaw.com1,012,000
GeneralLegal MatchLegalMatch.com617,219
GeneralFree Advice: Free Legal Advice,749
GeneralLaw InfoLawInfo.com158,007
GeneralExpert Law,200
GeneralLaw ShelfLawShelf.com85,738
GeneralAttorneys .orgAttorneys.com40,091
BusinessINC FileIncFile.com785,279
BusinessZen BusinessZenBusiness.com402,328
BusinessNorthwest Registered AgentNorthwestregisteredagent.com305,600
BusinessLLC Universityllcuniversity.com271,900
DebtNational Debt Relief,400
DebtConsolidated CreditConsolidatedcredit.org340,900
DebtDebt .com,201
DebtDebt .org,607
DebtConsumer CreditConsumercredit.com68,600
DebtThe Bankruptcy Site,589
DebtNational Bankruptcy,200
FamilyDivorce NetDivorceNet.com787,500
FamilyOnline Divorce,208
FamilyCustody XchangeCustodyXchange.com157,867
FamilyDivorce Writer,200
FamilyComplete Case,100
FamilyDivorce Source,100
Family3 Step Divorce,471
FamilyMarital Laws,523
FamilyIts Over EasyItsOverEasy.com34,211
FamilyGet Divorce,300
FamilyHello Divorce,343
FamilyMy Divorce Papers,200
ImmigrationMurthy Law Firm,500
ImmigrationShusterman Immigration Lawyer,100
Legal FormsLegal ZoomLegalzoom.com3,863,000
Legal FormsRocket LawyerRocketLawyer.com1,976,000
Legal FormsLaw DepotLawDepot.com1,100,000
Legal FormsLegal TemplatesLegalTemplates.net544,100
Legal FormsTrust and WillTrustandWIll.com179,201
Legal Forms12 Law12law.com39,836
Personal InjuryMorgan & Morgan Law,900
Personal InjuryInjury Claim Coach,031
Personal InjuryEnjuris,060
Personal InjuryMiller & Zoismillerandzois.com78,100
Personal InjurySibley Dolman Gipe,361
Personal InjuryBen Crump,752
Personal InjuryLevin Law,200
Personal InjuryRothenberg Law Firm,766
Personal InjuryClass Action.com,174
Personal InjuryFlorin Roebig,662
Personal InjurySteinger, Greene & Feiner,016
Public BenefitsDisability Secrets,200
Public BenefitsDisability Benefits,700
Public BenefitsDisability Approval Guidedisabilityapprovalguide.com187,200
Public BenefitsSpecial Needs,632
Public BenefitsDisability Benefits Center,500
Public BenefitsSpecial Needs Alliance,021
Public BenefitsSocial Security Disability Resource Center,322
Public BenefitsBenefits.com,003
Public BenefitsCitizens Disability,472

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