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Legal Info in the Sea of Junk

The National Center for State Courts has a new TinyChat video that talks through online legal information strategies in the new era of generative AI. Will there be more low-quality content out there, that people seeking out legal help online will have to wade through? Will legal aid or court websites’ authoritative content get drowned out by a new wave of easily-created, but not quality-controlled articles and videos?

Tiny Chat 138: Sea of Junk from State Courts on Vimeo.

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What does trustworthy information look like? When facing a legal problem, desperate for guidance on navigating the legal system, can we blame individuals for gravitating towards anything that appears authoritative? Will artificial intelligence (AI) help or hinder? Can the court community harness this new technology to develop useful tools? Can we modernize the court system to anticipate the influx of AI-generated documents and potentially misleading advice? How do we identify and address less-than-helpful resources before they cause harm?

These are complex questions without easy answers. However, our NCSC Tiny Chat hosts, Zach Zarnow and Danielle Hirsch, have penned an engaging story and even illustrated it using AI. Like many AI-generated creations, it may not appear perfect at first glance. Nevertheless, tune in as they discuss procedural protections, website best practices, and strategies for distinguishing reliable resources from misleading ones when individuals seek assistance.


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