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Style Guide for Legal Help Websites

The excellent team at Ohio Legal Help has shared their Style Guide for creating a legal help website that is user-friendly & accessible.

We’ve shared it on the Legal Help Online Dashboard so that other legal help teams can borrow from their plans on how to:

  • set up topic pages and create an overall site architecture on a statewide legal help portal
  • title pages so they’re easy to find
  • phrase complex legal concepts, so they’re plain language & accessible
  • staffing and managing the development of legal help content
  • integrating forms and other official content into your site

This guide can be useful to your team that’s working on government websites, public interest guides, legal aid websites, and court self-help tools.

Come explore and get more guidance on making an excellent, user-friendly legal help site with relevant content, great SEO, and usable text for people seeking help.