Get legal schema markup on Drupal

We have had many requests from our colleagues on the Legal Help Online Cohort, about how to get schema markup onto their Drupal website.

Here is a first way to do get key Schema markup onto your homepage. We’ll share future step-by-step guides for getting page-specific markup to indicate your jurisdiction and issue area to search engines.

Putting Legal Schema onto your homepage

  1. Make Legal Schema Markup on our free generator here, by filling in a form and creating json code. Save this code as a txt file, or have it ready to copy for step 7.
  2. Download the markup module here:
  3. Upload markup module using Extend(admin/modules) -> Add new module button
  4. Then click enable newly added modules link or navigate to /admin/modules
  5. Search for Structured Data JSON-LD module and enable it
    – navigate to content page (admin/content) and click to edit home page
  6. Click shortcuts link on top left panel and click Page Json button
  7. Add generated markup to the Json field without script tags like below:
      “@context”: “”,
      “@graph”: [
          “@type”: “LegalService”,
          “name”: “Legal Lab”,
          “url”: “”,
          “logo”: “”,
          “description”: “asdasdasdasd”
  8. Update url field to hame page link (like /node/1)
  9. Submit and it’s done!

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