Keyword research tools for improving legal help outreach

How do legal professionals know what people are searching for online? This is important, so they understand their needs, phrases, and ways to engage them.

One way to do this research is through SEO-oriented tools, called Keyword Research tools.

The Also Asked keyword research tool

 Keyword research tools like Also Asked, People Also Ask,, Answer the Public and Question DB are meant to help website administrators find the ways that people are talking about the topics that these administrators have offerings around.

Answer the Public takes the 1-3 keywords entered by the user, and then combines them with various prepositions or suppositions, enters them into Google search boxes, and records the AutoComplete suggestions that Google provides.

Also Asked & People Also Ask takes a similar approach, but records what Google Search presents in ‘People Also Ask’ boxes on the results page. QuestionDB searches popular forums, like Reddit, Quora, and Stack Exchange, for any questions that have these keywords or their variations.

They list back these posts’ titles, text, and original links.

Legal help experts & website administrators can use these SEO research tools to find keywords that will help them connect with possible users. They can use these keywords to connect people with FAQs, guides, and legal aid numbers. At the link, you can find keywords we’ve found for legal queries in the past.

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