How to search online for legal help

If you are having a legal problem, it can be hard to know who can help. If you turn to Google, which sites should you click on? Which sites can help you?

How to Use Google to Find Legal Help – Watch Video

The above video walks you through the basics of how to search the Internet to find quality legal advice.

Some of the key points:
1. Make sure you look for local, nonprofit legal aid groups that can help you. Every part of the US has a free legal aid group that can help people with housing, family, work, and money problems.

2. Check what the jurisdiction of the site is. For many legal issues, the law changes from state to state, or even from county to county. You want to get your advice from local experts, who know your region’s rights, deadlines, and forms.

3. Look for 4 things: Your Rights, Your Timelines, Your Options, and Your Service-providers. A good legal help website will give you specific information. These pieces of info can help you make a strategy and figure out your next steps. The website should help you understand what rights you have in your situation. It should let you know if there are deadlines, time windows, or other things to know about when you have to do things. It will tell you the menu of options you can take. And it can connect you with local, free groups who can help you do things.

There is a lot of good legal help information out on the Internet. But sometimes you have to dig around on Google or other sites to find it. Use these tips to find more reliable & helpful information online to deal with your legal problem.

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